Toller Murphy

Frida x Murphy

Kennel Canna Dea’s

Frida and Murphy became parents of 10 very nice puppies. They all have a new home and one of them, Elin, lives with my mother. We enjoyed this litter very much and Jolanda & Marcel gave them a very good start. All puppies are lovely and found good homes..

Canna Dea’s History puppy names :

Balou, Doever, Elin, Flip, Guus, Hippo, Kaatje, Maddy, Meggy en Roemer  (Click for Pedigree puppies)   


Elin lives with my mother and Maddy lives with Sander Butselaar and her half brother Toby. Toby is a very lovely and sportive dog and is also available as a stud. Click for his website. Unfortunately Roemer got AM at 12 weeks. He is off medication and is doing very well. He is growing up to be a very nice boy. We are all proud of Roemer and his family.        

Maddy and Toby

Maddy (en Toby)